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Sid Narged

Celebrating  10 years 
Author, Musician, Man of Mystery.

Who is he? Where is he?
Who are you?  Who am I?

Goin' Down.
10 Years Later.

In 2007, a freshman author with no experience and nothing to lose, released a book that examined the human experience in a way never seen before.  After all the controversy, death threats, burned bridges, and time - what was the outcome?  Let's examine what was said, what has come to pass, and reflect on what a decade can do.

Sid's Works

"...and with these hands - oops!" - Sid

Goin' Down.

it's like riding a nuclear bomb...
except you'll probably survive this

The original angry postcard to society.  Currently, out of print, we celebrate the anniversary of its release by posting some excerpts and updating them with some comments from the author.

Get your angry hat on and enjoy.

Anything I ever really needed to know
I learned from Anime.

Get your best cosplay on and hit the con.

Who says you never learned anything from cartoons? Like a new age Aesop's Fables, with ninjas, mechs (giant robots), cat women, teenagers, hormones, and even tentacles; these are stories that bring up issues that are learnable, recognizable, and very much usable in everyday life.

Kinetic Theory

Wake Up Call

After having been in the music industry for years, Sid got abducted into a short-lived but wild ride with some of his old friends.  His tenure as the bass player for Kinetic Thoery was less than a year, but the notoriety continues to this day.

Raise your glasses to a band that burned with a fire that was so hot -  there was no possibility of them ever fading away.